Boost Your Dispensary Pos System With These Tips

Is a real-time biometrics based patient tracking system there’s no collection of any patient data other than the patient’s biometric or their thumb prints and all that is in the database of two things one the biometric into.

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What is the medication history associated with that biometric there is a large problem with respect to fake driver’s licenses stolen driver’s licenses and borrowed licenses and force using biometrics we take all of that off of the table so if a patient comes in scans his or her biometric the physician can be immediately alerted.

Without even knowing the patient’s identity whether or not that biometric is associated with other outstanding scripts from other physicians and can immediately tell whether or not that patient is a high-risk patient with respect to two doctors shopping we actually had a pilot program a number of years ago involved a number of.

Physician offices here in South Florida we even had a number of Ahlan tear north of us throughout the eastern seaboard our system was able to flag a patient that had already visited physician offices here in Florida and that this gentleman had traveled all the way up to North Carolina swiped his fingerprint there that it was immediately flagged in the system this patient already has outstanding medications of this exact nature and the.

The physician was able to you know without violating the patient’s privacy in any way shape or form say I’m not comfortable providing this medicine to you how implemented is this system we’ll is it in place anywhere now at.

The present this system is not deployed with the we have attempted in a number of instances to you know to to to garner interest but as of right now the the lowest hanging fruit for us is the bio track THC seed to sale commercial technology you know the pilot program was very successful the part of our issue with.

The technology is this they’re utilizing biometrics and as I’ve just explained it to you there is no violation of privacy because we do not care what your name is what your social is it’s completely anonymous.

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