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The filament  to get all the different colors and and  I just you know if you look at the back  it just kind of all Mobile Printer melted together  uh-huh  what’s the filament changing process  like so just.

The filament feeds into the  back and we’ll fire this up actually muzzle fire it all the time it has It  has two temperature settings low and  high because they actually offer a  really nice array of filament and if  they have ABS PAL and flex and what we  have here is just a small.

What Would the World Look Like Without Mobile Printer?

They have like  every color of the rainbow  they had they had and you can get packs  of all one color you get Mobile Printer packs of  individual colors yeah it seems like the  filament costs between  for  of  those strands that you have like you  have pack of this is going.

If you get a pack of a hundred  strands then it they give you like a %  discount it’s about  bucks and it I  would say that it goes a long way I  think that I think the price is not bad.

I mean it’s definitely more Mobile Printer expensive  than we would pay for the equivalent amount of plastic on a spool right um I  was afraid to cut it’s about three  millimeter filament yes.

I was afraid to  cut it off of one of Mobile Printer our roles for fear  I would clog it or retrieve ably  because these are very straight and the  stuff that you cut off Youtube of your spools is  kind of kind of gotta have.

A Korea I  asked them Mobile Printer about that at the print show  because that occurred to me as well and  they’re like well technically you could  but there’s a good chance because of.